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"Youth Antiracist Activism" Reviews by Morgan A. Lee & Zahura Fairley

Updated: May 10, 2021

In watching the "Youth Antiracist Activism Event" a lot of things really stuck out to me. As the co hosts were speaking, it was nice to see them talk how important community is, the way they emphasized that it is personal, and that if a community can come together the quality of life will improve greatly by just knowing other people will fight and care for you. The speakers, Chris Sneed, Claire Robinson, Glynis Johns and the main host all showed great determination to make activism an important part of each of their days and working on getting representation to those it has been denied. As Chris and Claire were both talking about the cyber-attack on black students here at St. Johns in 2018, I was really shocked to learn that. Although this was a horrible thing, I think their demands and the way they immediately reacted showed true initiative to give people of color a chance for more representation and a better, fair education. As Glynis Johns was sharing her story, I was really inspired and impressed at what all she has accomplished so far. I think her Black Scranton Project and the Juneteenth event had to have made a great sense of community in her home town and especially in the way she got so many people more included by pushing for inclusion. I also think the Black Scranton Project Center for Arts & Culture will bring an amazing amount of opportunities to citizens in Scranton, and possibly in the future beyond that. It was very inspiring to see these alumni refusing to surrender to Anti-blackness, and deciding to push for rights of all groups. - by Morgan A. Lee


The Youth Antiracist Activism event was very insightful and encouraging. It let me know that if I persevere through my storms in college, my story will too be inspiring to young women of color as well. I learned that almost every person of color I have come across has endured the same story, they were or felt excluded from the campus because of their color etc. Their life stories alone were motivating, and I loved how they try to inform listeners of all the helpful social media outlets that the school has so we can become more familiar with what the school is about. It was an overall helpful experience. - by Zahura Fairley
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