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Issue #3

Spring 2023

Table of Contents

Research Projects

  • Education, Reentry, and Employment By Matthew Wilson 

  • Influence of Covid-19 on Social Lives and Educational Aspirations By Shabina Asghar, Nicholas LaChance, Aura Sanchez

  • Hip-Hop Culture and Adolecsents By Ian McCalla


Current Events

  • The Homeless Epidemic in America By Jaelyn Hill-Rucker 

  • Homelessness in California By Gabriel Zanetti 

  • Goffman and Bourdieu By Sanjana Liliah 

  • Colorado Springs Shooting By Joshua Sukhdeo 

Controversies Surrounding the FIFA World Cup 


  • What did the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 actually cost? By Araiz Nagra

  • Qatar World Cup Labor Issues and Sociological Theory By David Tomhave-Alexie

  • Working Conditions in Qatar By Liam Naughton


Film Analyses, Photo Essays & Ethnographic Scrapbooks

  • The Lapindo By Theodora Davis 

  • The Devil We Know (2018) By Mys Rivera  

  • There’s Something in the Water (2019) By Nicole DeGuida

  • Jordan Belfort White Collar Criminal By Satara Brown

  • Fyre Festival (2019) By Shabina Asghar

  • Roosevelt Avenue By Lucia Alleca 

  • Roosevelt Avenue By Ryan Maharaj

  • By Callie Costanza 

  • By Hsun Yao Chao 

  • By Rohanna Foster 

  • By Ryan Maharaj


About Social Organizations

  • By Karla Lopez

  • By Bethanie Jones

  • By Emilie Hryszko 

  • By Jasmin Budhu 

  • By Satara Brown 

  • By Michael Boyce

  • By Alana Campbell

  • By Natalie De La Cruz

  • By Olivia Bell

  • By MarcAnthony Ramos

Final Essays on Racism, Restorative Justice, and Criminalization of Abortion

  • Always Working Towards Whiteness in a Race-Conscious Nation By Dayna Stropkay

  • Criminalization of Abortion: Stigma, Justification and Societal Punishment of Women By Jilian Spreckels

  • Restorative justice and Transformative justice By Devin Donnelly 

Forced Migration Case Studies

  • Bangladesh and Rohingya Crisis: Migration, Refugees, and Development By Uzma Malik

  • Haitian migration seekers in the United States By Carine Dorlus 

  • Colombia and Its Internally Displaced People By Crismelly Caso

  • Venezuelan Forced Migration By Stephanie Golphin

  • The Disaster-Induced Displacement of People Following the Gorkha Earthquakes By Anna Wedding


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