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Issue #4

Spring 2024

Table of Contents

MLA Capstone Project

  • More than Just a Single Story: Through My Own Eyes By Dana Stropkay

Caribbean Cultures and Identities: Postcard Projects

  • By Morgan Lee

  • By Milo Aviles

  • By Kelsey Vickers

Research Projects & Theoretical Reflections

  • A Case Study on Deviance: The Influence of Friendships and Behaviour By Shabina Asghar

  • Nigerian International Students: Cultural Adaptation and Adjustment in the U.S. By Elohor Adeleke

  • The Immigration Crisis: How Does it Affect Race Relations in the U.S. By Blanca Moreno

  • Theorizing State Power in Civil Society By Liam Naughton

  • Autoethnography Photovoice Health Assignment By Milo Aviles

  • Language and Group Membership By Ari Mandel


Reflections on Criminology

  • The Reality of the American Dream: Exploring the Systematic Criminalization of Poverty in the United States By Angelina DeCoro

  • Applying Criminological Principles to Mental Health Services By Angelina DeCoro

  • Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG’s) By Anthony B. DiNardo

  • How Different Schools of Criminological Thought Account for Anti-Immigrant Hate in the United States By Sarah Quispe

  • Police Brutality: Culture-based or a matter of Bad Apples? A case study in examining that which is interpreted differently By many by Haau-Yi Li

  • The Red Army Faction - A Prism of Terrorism's Subjectivity and the Perils of Extremism By Angelina DeCoro

  • Terrorism Against Women in Central America By Samantha Fusaro 


Film, TV Series & Social Media Analyses

  • Sociological Analysis of Violence in “The Color Purple” By Kevin Gallagher

  • Sociological Analysis of The Good Place By Graylin Goff

  • Wednesday and the Connections to Sociology By Maria Triantafillou

  • YouTube By Mohammed Shaikh

  • TikTok Trends & Their Effects on People of Color By Ariann Garner

  • Sociology Within the Hunger Games Movies By Olivia Bell

  • Course Connections: Relationships, Sexism, and Racism in “F is for Family” By Liz Pimental 

  • I am Jane Doe By Theodora Davis

  • Goodfellas By Christian Merchan  

  • Ginny and Georgia By Kiranjyot Kaur

  • Sociology Reflected in Promising Young Woman” By Carlyann Carey.

  • From Abused to “Abuser”: An Analysis of Pink Diamond from a Sociological Perspective By Natalie De La Cruz

Gender and Sexualities through a Global Lens

  • Gender in a Global Context By Elvita Bouzy

  • Women's Labor & The Gender Wage Gap By Irene Barlise Barlis

  • Gender & Sexuality in Global Contexts By Sydney Moore

  • Being Policed as an African American Woman By Satara Brown

  • Sentipensar (Feel-Think) with Five Readings about Gender in the Global Context By Seonwoo (Sunny) Bak

  • Non-Deviance: Family and Motherhood By William Park

  • Interview with my Mom By Christian Ramia

  • Decoloniality of Gender and Sexuality Through a Transnational Feminism View By Liliana Kong 

  • Gender Violence and the Movies By Irene Makrino

  • Femicide in Latin America; A Case Study of Guatemala By Karla Lopez

  • Illicit Flirtations: Labor, Migration, and Sex Trafficking in Tokyo - A Book Analysis By Liam Naughton 

Social Action Organizations Reports

  • By Rimsha Pirzada

  • By Rimsha Pirzada

  • By MarcAnthony Ramos 

  • By Grace Spinel

  • By Grace Spinel 

  • By Maria Triantafillou

  • By Graylin Goff

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