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Issue #2

Spring 2022

Table of Contents

Dive into Anthropology

  • Kinship Artifact: A Clay Pot by Amy Jorge

  • Two Countries One Pandemic by John Giouvalakis

  • One Single Golden Ring by Sebastian Benitez

  • (Auto)Ethnographic Food Journal by Jianna Estevez

  • Traditional Thai Food & Culture: Dishes of Every Shape for Every Occasion by Natasha Yangthito-Villa

  • Food and Religion by Zeinab ElHawari 

Podcast on Labor, Migration, and Justice

  • By Dave Thomas

  • By Ihinosen Akhagba, Cody Clark, Gabriela Noble, Sarah Quispe

  • By William Naughton, Gulfam Dhillon, Megi Alikaj, Gianni Verginio

Using a Sociological Lens

  • My Body Their Choice: Texas Heartbeat Bill by By Crismari Edua, Helen Ayala, Stephanie Martinez & Jaley Avila

  • Christmas Through a Lens: “Love Hard”’s Sociological Take on the Happiest Time of the Year by Priyanka Gera

  • Not your (A)typical family by Noreen Kelly

  • Grand Army’s 5 Connections to Sociology by Angelique Dorcely

  • Comparative Analysis of the Water Crisis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin & the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan​ by Ashley Quinlan, Gina Caputo, N'Jaia Dorvil and Nick DiMaria

  • Attica Prison Riot​ by Jariah McFadden, Lexi Reale, Jahlani Jackson, Tyree Vann

Evolution of Contemporary Theory

  • Has Goffman’s Backstage Become the New Frontstage?  by Dayna Stropkay 

  • Television and Film by Matthew Wilson

  • Fascism by Ashley Quinlan

The Craft of Social Action: Social Action Reports

  • by James Figueroa

  • by Aniqa Akhter

  • by Aksad Ahmed

  • by Priyanka Gera

  • by Noreen Kelly

  • by Kimberly Mazariegos

  • by Theresa Sciorilli

  • by Despina Sgouros

Reflections on Criminology


  • The Concept of “Gangs” by Brandon Backman 

  • Why do We Look at Punishment the Way We Do? by Haau-Yi Li

  • A Conceptual Analysis of the Criminalization of Prostitution throughout America by Jai Thomas

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